More About Our Soaps?

What’s In Our Soap?

    • Citric Acid – is commonly extracted from citrus fruit and added to soap to help minimize soap scum.  Also used in bath bombs to create a fizzing action.
    • Sodium Lactate – is a liquid salt that is added to our soap to help harden the bar and make it a longer lasting bar of soap
    • Tussah Silk (bombyx or silk amino acids) are silk fibres that are added to our soaps to provide a great feel on the skin, makes the bar look smooth and helps make for better lather.
    • LYE – We do use lye to make our soaps. When the lye solution (lye crystals & water) is mixed with the oils/fats it produces a chemical reaction called saponification that turns oils/fats into soap. The end result is soap that contains no lye.  There is more technical information available on the internet if you desire to learn more about soap making and the history of soap making. They used lye in the old days too but it did not come from a bottle it was homemade from wood ash. It was a very lengthy process.
    • Fragrance Oils/Parfum – are created in a lab with a mix of aroma chemicals and natural ingredients like essential oils, extracts and resin. Just one fragrance oil can be made from up of 40-80 materials. Luxury perfumes are often made with 5 times that number. Most FO’s these days are paraben & phthalate free and are approved for use in soaps, lotions, bath bombs etc. Fragrance Oils that are described in some soaps are taken from the store’s description of the FO purchased.
    • Essential oils – are 100% natural. Beautiful blends can be created. Common EO’s used in soap making are lavender, rosemary, patchouli, clary sage, sweet orange and peppermint. 

We use both FO & EO in our soaps

Our soaps are wrapped in bio-degradable shrink wrap

 The shrink wrap has tiny tiny holes that allow the scent through while providing protection for the soap. The shrink wrap is so thin sometimes the heat will produce a small hole in the wrap. This is ok…as this soap needs to breath.

If you have any questions please let us know!

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