About Us

Jhaast Diverse Designs was established in 2018 because we fell in love with designing and creating soap along with other products that we now want to share with you!

We follow all Health Canada cosmetic regulations regarding our homemade soap, balms, lip balms, bath bombs, salves and any other skin product we design and create. 

We are members of the Handcrafted Bath & Body Guild (HBBG) since 2020.

We are proud to use Baraka Impact oils and butters in our products.

Learn more about who they are by clicking their logo above.

Baraka Impact stands to the highest level of Sustainable, Ethical Impact: carefully supporting
women, communities, and traditional practices through Fairtrade work and sustainable harvesting techniques. Baraka supports UN Sustainable Development Goals and does more than sell raw product ethically; Baraka is actively working for a better future; the logo mark was designed to represent this future. Baraka’s customers are attentive to world events, and believe strongly in individual actions making an impact. They are educated and research products before they purchase; strongly believing in the power of voting with your dollar.

Our homemade soap, skin products, craft items including labels, and product/item photos, information notes are created by us and are unique and one of a kind…a little rough around the edges one might say.

Home-Made & Home-Crafted for sure! 

We do bring in manufactured items to sell on our website if we find them to compliment our homemade products. 


For the love of Designing and Creating
Unique Handmade Items.

Made Jhaast For You

OWNER, Operator & Designer

Holly Smith

Holly Smith created this company because she loved making products for family and friends and often creates items with her customers and supporters in mind. Feel free to message her with ideas!

Special orders will be considered but are not always possible. 

Most items we create are one-of-a-kind unique items that are available when made.

Meet Our Partners


To shop for unique items including products from local artisans visit Jackie’s.

Come in and treat yourself to their nail salon services and see what’s available today!

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