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Handmade candles, soaps and specialty teas

Where to Buy

Our products can be bought in person at Jackie’s. Including unique items from other local artisans.


Located at:

5124 51 St Drayton Valley,
AB, Canada T7A 1S8

Hours are:

9am – 7pm Monday – Friday
11am – 4pm Saturday, Closed – Sunday

Sunflower Cream

Handmade Soaps

Want to learn more about what makes our handmade soaps so special?

We use ingredients that will make your bar the most luxurious soap you’ve ever used, such as Tussah Silk.

Tussah silk ( bombyx or silk amino acids ) are silk fibers that are added to our soaps before the saponification process.

By adding silk fibers, our soaps have a smoother look and feel and create a better lather than other soaps. It also leaves your skin with a ( you guessed it ) “silky” feel after your bath or shower! 

Handmade Candles

We make candles in new vessels and upcycled vessels we find at second-hand shops because they are unique and most of the time one or two of a kind. We carefully select our upcycled vessels to be sure they are safe to make into a candle. We make our candles in small batches and pour by hand each candle. We use soy, coconut, beeswax, and blended waxes provided by our suppliers. We also make wax melts in unique sizes and scents. We hope you enjoy our candles and wax melts.

About Us

We are a home based business that makes homemade soaps, candles, rugs, and many other items. We are proud to use sustainable oils and butters from Baraka Impact. Thank you for supporting our small business! 

What Our Customers Say

Jhaast Logo
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